Saturday, September 10, 2011

Blue Cat!

Forty pound blue catfish

I had the opportunity to travel to Evansville, Indiana to shoot my 13th and final 2011 episode of Stihl's Reel in the Outdoors. This time though, I was not chasing bass, but monster blue catfish with Captain Paul Willett of Camo Fish Guide Service. I was amazed by the various techniques he utilized to help us get a great show on a very tough day, where the temperatures topped 100 degrees and almost no current was flowing on the Ohio River. We capped the day with a true giant blue cat!


  1. Holy Mackerel! (A terrible joke I know) This is certainly a catch. I wish I had been so lucky. I just bought all-new gear from Sportman's Guide for a lukewarm season, it was quite the disappointment. You guys should still check out their Boating and Fishing Accessories, Supplies & Equipment Section they have all kinds of stuff for fishing, hunting, camping, you name it and its all got a good price.


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