Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Back from the Jungle

Yesterday, I got home from a true adventure! My whole life I had dreamed of traveling to Brazil to fish for Peacock Bass on the Amazon. It finally became a reality. Our outfitter for the trip was Billy Chapman of Anglers Inn International. He is famous for his operation on Lake El Salto in Mexico. In 2011, he expanded his operation to the Amazon by building a one of a kind floating mobile lodge. It was incredible to be fishing in the wilds of the Amazon jungle yet come home at night to air conditioned rooms with flush toilets and showers!

The fishing was amazing, and the Peacock Bass lived up to their reputation by providing me with six days of the best topwater fishing I've ever experienced in my life! I averaged over 35 bass per day with many topping the ten pound mark. The best part... it was all caught on video to air on Stihl's Reel in the Outdoors this upcoming season!

As amazing as the fishing was, I was more impressed by our native Brazilian guides, camp staff and their families that met our every need while we were in camp. These hard working people live a very simple life, but seem to enjoy every minute of it. I think we could all learn something from them. I know I did!

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