Sunday, June 3, 2012

Black Bear Hunt

I just returned from my spring black bear hunt in British Columbia. I spent a week there with my cameraman, Gerry Addison shooting a show for the 2013 Season of our Outdoor Channel hunting Show, "Scent Lok's High Places".

It was like a homecoming for me, as I was hunting with my old friends, the Hooper's, at Babine Guide Outfitters. It had been nearly 5 years since I had seen them and it was sure great catching up. I have hunted with them several times in the past, taking two beautiful mountain goats (the one with my bow is still my most prized trophy of all time) and a beautiful black bear.

Their lodge and cabins on Babine Lake are top shelf and I always have to go on a diet when I get home, as their cook, Diane, prepares amazing meals! Dave and Marilyn Hooper have now passed their outfitting business on to their sons, Lloyd and Jack.

Lloyd was my Guide for the week. We saw over 60 bears in the six days by glassing timber clear-cut, non-active logging roads and meadows from a boat on Babine Lake. After we would locate them, we would attempt to stalk within bow range which was exciting as well as frustrating. What was more impressive than the number of bears was the incredible scenery around every corner. The snow capped mountains were everywhere you turned! When the dust had finally settled, I had taken two great black bears with my bow and came away with several hours of amazing hunt video. I don't think I'll be waiting five years to get back up there this time...

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