Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I would first like to apologize for not blogging the past couple of weeks and I am sure there were those of you who thought I must have slit my wrists after my disastrous finish in the FLW Tournament on Pickwick. Not true... I'm still alive and kickin'! In actuality, I have been on a two week long hunt in Africa with very limited access to internet. We videotaped the hunt for an episode of Scent Lok's High Places and the whole experience was incredible!

I will admit that I was very nervous about the nearly 16 hour flight from JFK to Johannesburg, South Africa. I normally get very anxious on flights over four hours... I made it through okay though, and without the aid of sleeping pills!

Once in South Africa, we hunted with professional hunter, Ricus de Villiers of White Lion Safari. He and his wife, Nelia, were incredible hosts and the lodge, food, and hunting were exceptional. I took a beautiful nyala with my bow after many failed stalks and topped the trip off with a 25 yard bow shot on an enormous cape buffalo after a very scary two hour stalk!

Bull nyala

Cape buffalo with a bow

I had fulfilled a huge hunting goal of mine with that animal. One other thing which made the trip even more memorable was the fact that my camera man, Gerry Addison, also got to hunt, harvesting a black wildebeest, gemsbok and a beautiful kudu. I can definately see why people who hunt Africa cannot wait to go back!


  1. as jealous as i am , about your job... you really can't fish a lick... and to hafta go to south africa, on a guided tour i'm sure, and kill such beatiful animal's... Not impressed ! did ya even field dress them your self ???

  2. Nice looking animals joe! I thought you fell of the face of the earth or something lol.


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