Thursday, April 5, 2012

Scout II

After yesterday's blog, I had some requests for photos of my old 1972 Scout II. Well, it took some searching, but I found the one and only picture I ever had taken with that old truck.

I thought it was very appropriate that I had the hood up in the photo, as that is the way it was most of the time. If you look closely, you can probably see the puddle of oil underneath it from that leaky rear main seal. She wasn't real pretty, but neither were those short gym trunks I had on in the photo. Hey, they were stylish in the day, and still are if you are blond, female and under 17 years old...

That old Scout sure wasn't as flashy or trustworthy as that new Silverado I'm driving now, but it did teach me a thing or two about working on cars and provided me some lasting memories. Even if most of them were bad!

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