Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Well you know when I'm snapping pictures of alligators and birds during a practice day, fishing must be pretty bad. I saw a lot more wildlife today on the Red River than I did bass! The main river is nearly unfishable due to the mud and strong current. Everyone is crowded into the backwaters looking for clear water and it is making this place fish very small. Hopefully, my practice will go better tomorrow.

Winner for this week:  Congratulations to Anglers Ace who won this week's drawing for two Lucky Craft lures.  Anglers Ace, please email JTPFishing@insightbb.com with information as to where to send your lures.  Next week, I'll send one lucky winner an embroidered Stihl baseball cap.  Thanks for all the readers' comments and letting us know who you'd like to see fish UMF.


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  2. I was going to ask if Stihl would put up a chainsaw for the giveaway but a hat would be nice also.


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