Monday, May 2, 2011

Hosting UMF

One question that I get a lot from our Ultimate Match Fishing fans is "Isn't it hard to just stand there and watch (I feel like I do a little more than just watch) while the anglers catch all those fish in UMF?" Well, the answer to that question is pretty simple: heck yeah, it's tough! I love to fish, so when they are whacking them I can hardly stand it! 

I guarantee you that there are lots of times that Chris Collinsworth wishes he was on the field instead of in the press box announcing the game. I'm no Dick Vitale, but I get fired up and excited when a match is close in the 4th quarter and someone boats a big one! I figure if I can't be the guy catching them, being the guy watching the best anglers in the world catching them live from 20 feet away is a close second... 

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  1. I recently served as an observer at the PAA All Star Tournament. Sitting on the back deck while Jami Fralick and my good friend Fred Roumbanis was a blast. More than once I commented to them that I wish we were fishing as a team, but the knowledge I gained that day was amazing.

  2. Yes, maybe that's an addon to the contest? Have a UMF sweepstakes where the winner gets to observe from the referee's boat. I'd be in on that for sure!


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