Friday, July 22, 2011


Well my 2011 FLW season is officially in the history books!  My two day total on Pickwick weighed a whopping 20 pounds 4 ounces landed me solidly in 84th place, smashing all hopes of qualifying for the FLW Championship. Ouch!

 I am writing this blog on my phone as I drive up I-65 North towards home.  
Yeah, I know I should not be emailing while driving, but its all good as I have been sitting in stopped traffic for over one hour now! Please Lord..... I just want this week to be over!

Give-Away:  Brandon Adams!  I will send to you a Stihl shirt and hat if you send your snail address to    Keep watching, everyone, for the next give-away.


  1. Sad that is over for the year but I bet you will be glad to get home again !

  2. Keep your spirits up joe there is always next year!


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