Thursday, June 30, 2011

Crankin' It

Wow, what a day! Lake El Salto continues to live up to its reputation.  The wind blew today and the crankbait bite was on. Most of my fish came on a chartreuse shad Lucky Craft Flat CB D-12. My best five today probably would have weighed 35 pounds! Many thanks to Billy Chapman and everyone at Anglers Inn for another incredible trip. Make sure to watch for this episode of Stihl's Reel in the Outdoors on the Outdoor Channel!

Another Lake El Salto Giant!


  1. Boy what a hog ! Fishing there must be paradise.

  2. Those fish on a crankbait would be a dream come true for me. I can't wait to watch the episode.

  3. Getting ready to watch the show on the outdoor channel!

  4. Wow what a show! Nice fish Joe! That last one your buddy lance caught was a slaunger! You definitely were working on your buddy until he gave up on that suspending jerk bait bite.(I noticed suspend dots on his jerk bait) great show Joe can't wait for next week! Tight lines Joe and keep casting!


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