Saturday, June 11, 2011

Pickwick Lake Smallies

Yesterday, I got up very early and drove seven hours to Pickwick Lake which is the site of our final FLW event next month. Since my schedule won't allow me any other time to pre-fish before the off limits begins, my goal was to get a half day on the water just riding, graphing and GPS'ing any potential deep water spots for next month's tournament.

Even after my terrible finish at Red River, I am still in contention for the FLW Championship if I can do well in the last two events. It was definitely a productive afternoon and worth the extra driving and a day away from home. I even got a bonus, when right before dark a big school of Smallies came up chasing shad on a point I was graphing. I grabbed a Lucky Craft gunfish out of my rod box, made one cast, and caught a beautiful smallmouth! Hey, a guy's gotta have a little fun! Today, I headed on up to Kentucky Lake to get ready for practice which begins Sunday.

Give-Away Day:  I'm sending a Stihl shirt and a hat to follower Mac McBroom!  Mac, send your snail address to and I'll get it right out to you.  Sadly, the Boomerang pliers and holster, a $40 value, has not been claimed.  I'll be drawing for that tomorrow morning.   Will you be the lucky winner?


  1. SWEET! Good luck next week Joe!

  2. SWEET! Good luck next week Joe. Mike Fillmer

  3. Wow nice smallie Joe! Wow those pliers are nice looking. Those stihl hats looked cool too!

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  5. Awesome fish! Good luck fishing next week! Safe trip.


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