Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Yesterday was my final practice day on Kentucky Lake and it seemed like I was dodging storms all day long!

Big storm rolling in

Today I worked on tackle most of the morning, before heading to the other end of the lake and checking into a different hotel near the FLW launch site at Kentucky Dam Marina. I really need to catch them tomorrow.

Hiding under a boat dock to escape rain and lightning

I'm praying for light winds since I'm running over 60 miles to my fish,  but the forecast doesn't look favorable....

Give-Away:  I'd like to send a Stihl t-shirt and hat to:  David McKenzie!  David, please send your mail address to   Want your own Stihl hat and shirt?  Check back tomorrow - you may be the winner!  Don't forget that new episodes of Stihl's Reel in the Outdoors will begin July 2nd!


  1. Will do Joe! I want one of those stihl hats they look awsume! Good luck on the tourney Joe!

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  3. Good luck in the tourney . Be safe out on the lake .

  4. Be careful out there! Lightening is nothing to mess with. Good luck and looking forward for July and the new shows to start. Waiting right now to watch the final UMF this morning Go Boyd Duckett!

  5. My stepson and I was on lake Monticello in SC last week and a MAJOR STORM suddenly came up and was between us and the ramp so nothing we could do. This is a resevoir from a nuclear plant and has no bridges or anything. Luckily I knew where a old pier was in a cove and somehow we got enuff of boat under to keep us out of lightning. At least 5ft waves on big water we could see. B4 we could get back it was dark and ALL power was out around the lake. I had never marked the landing before knowing the lake well. During this time it was dropped over ten feet where submerged rock etc turns into islands. Guess it took an hour to go 2 miles to landing luckily going str8 to it. Reaching it right next to the pier was some poor guys sunk boat. STORMS CAN BE SCARY EVEN 4 EXPERIENCED ANGLERS LIKE YOURSELF. Moral is always map the landing and all shallow spots in between when on lake that pulls water that quick.


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