Sunday, March 6, 2011

Around Every Corner

On my way home yesterday, I was traveling down the highway when the computer lady in the console of my Ford F-150 informed me that I had "50 miles to empty".

A couple of miles later, I exited into one of those highway oases that lets you fuel, eat, do laundry, shower, and if you got a few minutes, purchase some really cheap country music CD's and 90's B-movies on DVD.

I pulled up to an outer pump since they are always easiest with the boat in tow, put in my credit card, stuck in the fuel nozzle and set the catch to fill 'er up. I was pretty darn hungry too, and real tired of those sawdust bars I've been living on so I went inside to get some real food.

It is nearly impossible to get fast food that is even moderately healthy, but I did my best: I ordered two grilled chicken wraps with no lettuce and no sauce. (I hate lettuce and know ranch dressing is bad for you.) The modestly overweight lady who was pushing 60 years of age keyed in the order and then paused, staring at me for several uncomfortable seconds.

She finally broke the silence saying, "Young man.." (I was young to her I guess?)  "I'm sure you  are ordering those grilled chicken wraps to be healthy aren't you?"

I replied. "Yes ma'am, I am".

She responded by saying "If you are really trying to eat healthy, you would have me take the cheese off that and put that lettuce back on!"

I just kinda shrugged my shoulders and after another uncomfortable pause, she went ahead and put in my order, muttering, "He might as well have just ordered a Big Mac!"

That definitely proves that there is a critic around every corner!

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  1. Wow that is a hilarious story!

    While in Maine I was shoe shopping at a Stride Rite outlet for my three year old. We were getting the sneakers with velcro. The opinionated clerk, a woman in her 50s smirked and make a tsk tsk sound then said that it is a shame today these kids don't know how to tie shoes with this velcro and they should be wearing shoelace sneakers so they could learn to tie a shoelace.

    I didn't blink but replied that first at age 3 they are too young to learn to tie shoelaces due to the fine motor skills not being developed and secondly if all the sneakers for little kids are velcro I guess they don't need to learn to tie shoelaces, do they?


    I will also share in NYC where they have to post calories on the menus my husband intended to get a salad to be healthy but it was 1200 calories and the huge beef hamburger was only 800 so he got that. Who'd have thunk it?


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