Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fishing Rising Water

Most of the Central U.S. has been hammered over the last several weeks by massive spring rains, and almost every lake I've fished lately has been on the rise and much muddier than normal. That being said, under those conditions, I have had some of my best spring fishing in recent memory!
Never let rising water keep you from heading to your favorite lake. Always remember that rising water (within reason) usually means new cover, an influx of food and stained water. Stain can be a big help in lakes that are typically clear. It brings fish to that new shoreline cover and makes them, well... stupid and easy to catch! You still need to avoid major creeks or drains that have super muddy or cold runoff though. Always remember to, "Rise with the water". The fish will as well.
Baits like Spinnerbaits and Chatterbaits that send off vibration are my personal favorites under these conditions. If the water is below 55 degrees, a jig with a big trailer tail can be very effective as well around that new cover, but if that water is 56 to lets say 64 degrees, it should be "game on" with the Spinner and Chatter. I like those better because I can cover lots more water...


  1. Keep up the insight...I'll have to take my laptop with me the next time I go fishing. I can see me now searching through all your posts trying to find the post that matches the conditions I'm in. LOL

    Mike Teague

  2. It's nice to have a smart phone so you don't have to take your laptop out on the water. LOL
    I just got my Droid X and there are a couple of apps for it I like to get, like Navionics maps and Fishnotes.


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