Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Early to Rise....

My day began with a 4:45 wake up!  I left my house with my boat in tow at at 5:15 headed south to Pickwick Lake in southwest Tennessee. After meeting up with my producer Jim Kramer, in Northern Kentucky, we set out to shoot another episode on Stihl's Reel in the Outdoors. After a seven hour drive, mostly in a downpour, we met my fishing partner, Lance Walker from Browning Eyewear, at the Pickwick Landing ramp. Lance is an expert on the lake and a good friend of mine.

The afternoon shoot went well despite rising water and windy conditions. We caught several
 nice bass and got a great start on the show as we head into tomorrow. Oh yeah , in case you are wondering, the water temps are hanging around 50 degrees and the majority of the fish are coming on a 1 oz. willow leaf spinner bait and a Lucky Craft Pointer 127 jerk bait. I'd give you the rest of the details, but then you wouldn't watch the show....


  1. Even though the weather is dismal, cold and rainy, It doesn't interfer with "EAT, FISH, SLEEP!

  2. Sit Down, Shut-up, and Hold-on!


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