Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pattern on the FLW-Lake Hartwell

I was blown away by the size of the crowd at the final days weigh in at the 
Coliseum here in Greenville. It was a real grind on the water for me, only getting six bites all day, but my 11-15 limit was enough to move me from 10th to 7th place in the final standing on Lake Hartwell. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't extremely happy! I felt like I maximized what I had to work with, only losing one fish the whole event! 

 For those wondering my pattern, here goes: I was fishing a 1/2 oz.
Chatterbait on 17lb fluorocarbon line, which I was slow rolling in the back of stained water pockets up in the Tugaloo River. The key for me was targeting shallow pockets off the main river with shallow flooded shoreline grass. The key, though, was that they had to have a ditch with a little deep water running into them. A pretty basic pre-spawn pattern, but for me it was with $16,500 and a smile on my face!


  1. Fausto G. MadrigalMarch 28, 2011 at 12:41 AM

    Congratulations Joe I know you are a very good fisherman and deserve this, I hope you keep on the top ten list in every tournament.

  2. Very cool! Congrats on the finish! Saw your pattern on flwlive and picked up a few chatterbaits for the tacklebox. Now just have to wait for your show on how to use them effectivly ;)

  3. Never seen a 7th Place Trophy before.

  4. Congratulations Joe

    Kevin, Mendy, Jena and Denny

  5. Congratulations Joe! Way to hang in there.

  6. Never ANYTHING wrong with placing in the money! Great job Joe!


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