Sunday, March 20, 2011

Practice on Hartwell

When you have eight rods with eight different baits on the deck of your boat, it is a pretty good sign you are struggling to figure things out! Hartwell was tough on me today.

I caught only 10 keepers in my 12 hour practice day. Most of them were only about 13 inches. My plan is to keep moving around and changing things up 'til I figure it out. Water temp is 58 degrees. It should not be that hard!


  1. Joe,

    Good luck on Hartwell. Have you looked at the pattern that Alton Jones used to win the classic a few years back? I know it was earlier in the seaon and much colder water temps, but that roadbed might produce some post spawn fish.

    Love UMF and the job you do on the show. Keep up the good work and best of luck this FLLW season.

    Dan Dalke

  2. Good luck Joe! I'm headed down Friday, hope to see you around

  3. Good luck Joe. See you in May in Louisiana.


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