Sunday, April 3, 2011

Reanna's First Turkey

I could't have scripted a better turkey hunt today! We went to a friends farm in Kentucky for the early youth hunt. My daughter thought it was so cool that we had to drive through a creek with the truck to get to our hunting spot.

I did have something very unusual happen though. Shortly after daylight, we were sneaking along an old logging road, calling every few minutes when I heard a faint rustle in the leaves behind me. I turned just in time to see a big mature coyote running full speed at us at twenty yards. My guess is that it thought we were a turkey breakfast.

I snatched the gun out of Reanna's hand and fired at the big dog as he closed within 15 yards. While the shot missed it was still good enough to scare some sense into him and send him packing down the hill. It shook Reanna and I up a bit, but pretty soon we were back in the hunt. 

Shortly after, I was able to call in two mature gobblers, that came in running.  Reanna made a great shot and her first turkey was a giant with a ten and 3/4 inch beard with 1 inch spurs!


  1. Great to see you passin on the outdoors Joe..And congrats to you Reanna on your first turkey you will never forget this hunt for sure.

  2. Good stories, very memorable trip.


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