Monday, April 25, 2011

UMF: The Winner Is....

Today was the first day of Ultimate Match Fishing. Our competitors, Tom Mann Jr. and Dan Moorehead, slugged it out on Lake Lanier until the very end. The bass here are in a transition stage just coming off the spawn. Our match was very close but in the end...... Oh, you didn't think I would actually let that out, did ya?


The shoot ran very late though due to a severe storm we had to wait out before the weigh-in. All in all, a great match that will make a super episode of UMF.


  1. You guys need to bring that show to Carters Lake. Lanier is a great lake, but can't hold Carter's jock strap when it comes to trophy spots.

  2. Ultimate Match Fishing on Cal Delta or Clear Lake that would be fun. Tom Mann on Lanier HMMMM i guess we get to see some of his hot spots!!!!

  3. Wow- TM, Jr on Lanier! I'd call that a home field advantage.


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