Friday, April 15, 2011

That's Part of the Game

I almost pulled it off today. Going out this morning, I figured I would need about 15 lbs. to have a chance of sliding into the top 50 and making ten grand. My five fish limit today weighed 14 lbs. 8oz., leaving me a little short, coming in 66th place.  Looking back, I can't feel too bad about this one. I executed pretty well, catching every fish that bit except one in the two days of competition.

I really just didn't have enough going on. The areas I found in practice didn't have the quality of fish I needed to do well. The majority of my fish in the tournament came casting a black lizard and flipping a 5.5" black tube into shallow laydown trees. When the water began dropping, a lot of the fish that were trying to spawn pulled out into the tips of those trees in three to four feet of water. If the tree had less than three feet of water on the tips, I couldn't get a bite and as the lake continued to fall, those trees became harder and harder to find. I have to admit it really stings when you get that close after all that work and go home empty handed but that's part of the game... the part that I don't like!

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  1. Well you win some, ya lose some. I just wish I had 1/10th the knowledge you do! Maybe you can share some of that knowledge in Mexico! It's gettin' closer ya know!


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